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Classic Jiraiya

Coming to

Posted on 2007.04.04 at 22:59
Jiraiya's eyes snapped open the hotspring and sake having taken a toll on him. He felt a great disturbance an ominous feeling in the air, after he woke he collected himself and rushed out into the village to see what was going on-


(OOC: Pics)

Posted on 2007.03.21 at 21:35
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Totally put some new pics up along with some Gifs so yeah thats fun, only problem is I didnt make any of them myself. And I dont know who did, but whoever they are I totally owe them for these neat pics, and gifs

Classic Jiraiya
Posted on 2007.03.20 at 00:44
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Jiraiya took a deep breath, a drop of sweat rolling down his cheek, as the sun crept down past the horizon, He stood up straight the two bunshin he had created doing like wise. He took a look around he damaged the area more than he had intended but it wasnt to severe, he thought as he allowed the bunshin to vanish and stood silently taking in the techniques he had used and looking for any flaws in his own form. He shook his head " Nothing to serious, then that means that it was mere hesitation" he walked over and pulled several kunai from one of the fallen trees. "Well I wont make that mistake again" he said as he turned his eyes back toward the village. He sighed and smiled slightly " I could use a soak in a nice hotspring" he said before walking back toward the village

(ooc: Im still here just working out some kinks, Im on spring break now until next monday so ill be on here , as much as possible)

Classic Jiraiya


Posted on 2007.03.09 at 14:32
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Jiraya pondered the events again in his head. How could he have let Hinata be taken. His reflexes were off and he made many mistakes. He started toward the training ground

"I wont be able to help anyone if im so out of practice" he said aloud. And on top of that there was the problem of the Kazekages seal he had a solution but it was temporary and depending on the condition of the seal might not even work. He started to create a few bunshins and begin his training. "It shouldnt take long to get it back" he assured himself , as all the bunshins dropped into fighting stances...

Classic Jiraiya

OOC: Enlistment/Birthday

Posted on 2007.03.09 at 14:28
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Just Incase anyone missed it last time (except Hinata- Chan, ^_^ ) I am enlisting in the Army. The army reserves to be exact anyone im going to M.E.P.S tomorrow and then , assuming there are no complications I will be sworn in. Wish me luck ...


Classic Jiraiya

OOC: Enlisting

Posted on 2007.03.06 at 18:38
Yeah sorry i havent been on in the last few day. Im enlisting in the army and im about to take my DLAB so i wont be able to get on again until wednesday. But Ill try to stay up on whats going on . Sorry for the trouble...^_^


OOC: Pics

Posted on 2007.03.01 at 21:25
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On a completely unrelated note, i wonder if anyone has a little spare time to hook me up with some great jiraiya picks. I cant say i havent been noticing some of the awesome pictures alot of you have on your posts, and in your journals, etc. Anyway the point is Im a little low on pics so yeah...

Classic Jiraiya

Caught up

Posted on 2007.03.01 at 20:41
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((OOC: Yeah I finally caught up to whats going on. ))

I suspect Naruto is probably curious about where Ive been, in fact Im sure the better part of konoha is curious where Ive been. Well see what happened was, The night of the Ramen celebration While I was waiting for everyone to show up. Well I happened to see a beautiful woman While I was waiting. Well we had some drinks, and I dropped my guard, When I came to I discovered that I was far from Konoha. Im ashamed to admit it but this time The Akatsuki managed to lure me away with a beautiful woman , I managed to knock her unconscious easily enough but the run back was a little rocky until I flushed out all that drugged Sake. In any case Im back In Konoha ready and willing to answer questions and help anyone that needs help.

Classic Jiraiya


Posted on 2007.02.21 at 20:42
wow its a little strange, i havent been here in a LOOOONNNNGGG time i actual moved to another forum for a while but it didnt work out, sorry everyone, my ability to get on here is still not reliable but ill try if you allow me to try and reclaim my role as jiraiya, ill try and catch up

Classic Jiraiya

OOC: Lessons

Posted on 2006.11.25 at 00:00
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Yeah, alot of stuff is gonna be going on when i get back to school, Student Government business (Im drafting a constitution ^_^; , and creating Id for the entire Student government, didnt expect them to make me president of the whole thing )

but all that aside im still, drawing on occasion and I still need to finish writing my story but more importantly im trying to learn japanese, which brings me to the point of this post.... ^_^ if anyone could help me with my japanese studies I would very much appreciate it, Ive been learning from a book and ive picked up a few words from some anime. Im still very much a beginner at the language but I really want to learn.

one last thing im not gonna mention anyone specifically, and im not an expert or anything, but ive seen some amazing RPing ability here on this site you guys are pretty awesome...

off to bed now, later.

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